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Fita Kapton 33 Metros e 14 mm largura resistente a alta temperatura

Fita Kapton 33 Metros e 14 mm largura resistente a alta temperatura

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Fita Kapton 33 Metros e 14 mm largura resistente a alta temperatura

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Excellent insulation, durability, acid and alkali resistant, high temperature resistant 260 degrees / 30 minutes, 180 degrees can be long time of use Dark brown high temperature resistant adhesive tape, as 20mm *, suitable for welding protection air type BGA chip surrounding components Used for welding of precision IC protect has not been around components (protection). Of welding chip Heat resistant adhesive - mainly used in welding BGA chip, protect the surrounding components in tape first, come again around components welding BGA encapsulates the chip. This only give BGA chip when heated, the heating of the heat resistant adhesive sticks has the devices won't be heated to, thus protecting the welding parts were not the protection devices Scope: Suitable for mobile phone battery, coil insulation, and other high-temperature masking, circuit (PCB) through wave soldering, to protect the finger part, easy to peel off, not easy to break, tear without leaving traces, suitable for mobile phone batteries, coils high-temperature insulation, and other shelter. Application Features: Electronics and electric industries in high demand for H-class motor and transformer coil insulation wrap, heat wrap coil end fixed temperature heat resistance protection, capacitors and wire entanglements and other working conditions in high-temperature bonding insulation. In the PCB manufacturing industry can be used for electronic protection paste, especially for SMT temperature protection, electronic switches, PCB board finger protection, electronic transformers, relays and other high temperature and moisture protection needs of electronic components. Process according to the needs of special supporting a low-static and flame retardant polyimide tape! Reinforced protection of the surface temperature, metal temperature painting, sandblasting masking surface protection coating, high temperature paint baking, the easy peeling without leaving residues gel. , High temperature, high tensile strength, good chemical resistance, no residue, in line with ROHS environmental protection advantages of halogen-free. Use: 1, SMT process, when the paste reflow oven temperature measuring thermocouple wire; 2, SMT process, used to paste the flexible circuit board (FPC) in the rule, thus the printing, placement, testing, and a series of processes; 3, can be used as insulation on the cable package tape; 4, can be attached to the connector for mounting machine to take materials to replace the iron plates; 5, can be processed into any other shape cutting for special purposes .

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